Garage Door Spring Repair
Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage Door Spring Repair in Affordable Prices! Torsion, Extension

Your garage door’s torsion springs are one of the most important parts of the entire opening mechanism. These critical parts hold up the weight of the door and keep it properly balanced. The great weight of the door, however, will cause these springs to warp over time, reducing their ability to hold the door until they eventually fail. This is when you need to contact us for garage door spring repair.

What To Expect When Springs Fail.Garage Door Spring Repair

As your springs begin to fail, you may begin to hear squealing, scraping or loud snapping sounds upon opening or closing the door. When this happens, it is important to get repair done quickly. Failure to repair the door before the springs fail completely may cause other components to become damaged as well.

Since the doors balance through independent suspension on each side, failed springs may cause the door to look crooked. The bad spring is causing the door to favor one side..which will make it break even sooner.

Once the springs totally fail, the entire weight of the door will be downwards. For most heavy doors, this means it will take four or five laborers or highly specialized machinery to pick it back up. This job is simple for our experts at Garage Door Repair Calabasas. But it may be difficult and dangerous for homeowners to complete by themselves.

Our Springs Offer Extra Benefits.

Only we can provide services for garage door spring repair in Calabasas, CA that are sure to offer years of excellent service. Our springs are rated for up to three times the lifespan than stock springs commonly installed in residential garage doors. Thanks to our years of research into strong and flexible high-grade springs, we are able to guarantee better performance.

Call us the moment you notice problems with your garage door springs and have our emergency team resolve the issue on the same day.